When to Harvest Your Apples and Pears

Timing the harvesting of your apples is as much art as science. Pick your apples too soon and they'll be hard and sour, too late and they'll be soft and mealy. Consider all of these factors before harvesting...

By barb on Sep 23rd

Harvesting Fruit

Greater Good Granola Donates $1,700 to City Fruit

Thanks to Greater Good Granola for their donation to City Fruit!

By kate on Aug 28th

100,000 Pounds

Amidst the frenzied harvesting of Italian plums, pears, and even apples, this week has marked a huge milestone for City Fruit. As of Wednesday, we have officially harvested over 100,000 pounds of fruit...

By luke on Aug 27th

Harvest Plums

Volunteer Spotlight: Clare Follmann

With our new website having launched this month, we want to acknowledge the many people who made this large endeavor possible! One of those people is Clare Follman.

By elan on Aug 20th


Loquats in Your Neighborhood

In June a neighbor of the City Fruit Beacon Hill office stopped by to ask if we could harvest her loquat tree (“Her what?” one of us thought. “Loquats? Cool - I want to pick them!” thought another.

By barb on Aug 17th


West Seattle Garden Tour Awards City Fruit Funds to Expand Orchard Stewardship

Thanks to the West Seattle Garden Tour for awarding City Fruit a grant to expand our orchard stewardship!

By kate on Aug 17th

Event Support Announcement

Save Seattle's Apples Mid-Summer Update

Mid-summer update on the Save Seattle's Apples campaign and when to remove the pest barriers from your apples.

By kate on Aug 12th

Pest Prevention Save Seattle's Apples

When Life Gives You Plums...

I genuinely believe that I have the ability to eat more plums than most. I adore them, in every shape and form. I recently celebrated a birthday, and one of my favorite gifts was a bag left in a shoe cubby on our porch of perfectly ripe greengages.

By laura on Jul 29th

Plums Recipe Harvest

Food Waste Makes National Headlines

This month, John Oliver highlighted the issue of food waste in his weekly show, Last Week Tonight. He highlighted the outrageous amount of food we waste in America — 40 percent!

By kate on Jul 29th

Food waste Recipe

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