Territorial Seed Company: dispelling a rumor

This post was excerpted from an article by Debbie Teashon and published in the Dec 2013 newsletter of the Seattle Tree Fruit Society.

Rumor has it that Monsanto Corporation owns the Pacific Northwest-based seedhouse, Territorial Seed.  This rumor is simply not true.  Tom and Julie Johns, who still own the company, purchased Territorial Seeds from Steve Solomon back in 1985.

When Monsanto purchased the wholesale seed company Seminis, Territorial looked for other sources of seed and phased out buying seeds from Seminis.  By 2012 Territorial no longer purchased any seed from the Monsanto subsidiary.

Territorial continues to trial seeds for the Pacific NW’s unique and challenging temperate, Mediterranean climate in an effort to provide quality seed for the Northwest gardener.  This includes no GMO’s.