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Announcing our new Master Fruit Tree Steward Program

Fruit trees remind us of our agricultural past and continue to be an important community resource. To date, City Fruit has harvested more than 50,000 pounds of fruit from residential trees and donated it to those who otherwise couldn’t afford fresh produce. Keeping these urban fruit trees healthy is a priority.

MasterFruitTreeStewardProgram_01In 2014 City Fruit will launch a new Master Fruit Tree Steward Program with support from the King Conservation District Community Partnership Program. City Fruit will train lay fruit tree experts who can, in turn, teach their neighbors—an efficient and effective way to improve the health and productively of urban fruit trees.

In this train-the-trainer program volunteers will participate in workshops, field trips, and mentoring sessions on fruit tree care in exchange for providing hands-on support and mentoring to Seattle residents who live on properties with fruit trees. The 2014 goals include designing the curriculum, producing videos and slide shows, training an initial cohort of volunteer stewards, and creating a business model that is replicable and self-supporting.

Workshops will run from July – Dec 2014. Anyone interested in joining the project to become a Master Fruit Tree Steward should contact [email protected]  by May 15.


Fruit Tree Stewards Off & Running

We just got these photos from one of our new fruit tree stewards as part of a project we’re running in partnership with the City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability and Seattle Parks & Recreation. I’ve written about it before and you can learn more here.

These particular photos are from the fruit trees along the Burke-Gilman trail — have you seen them? This group, led by Barb Burrill (she also provided the photos), is taking care of them — they even got some fairly worm-free apples!

So far the project is going great. A big thanks to Gail Savina, Jana Dilley, and Becca Fong for making this project happen.

Check out the photos below.

A big apple tree along the Burke-Gilman.

The volunteer work party. Thanks for all your hard work! The sign looks great.

One of our Fruit Tree Steward’s son lending a hand.