Support Seattle’s Fresh Bucks Program!

fruits-vegetables Fresh Bucks NowSeattle’s Got Green?, a local grassroots organization that works to make sure  low-income people and communities of color have access to the benefits of the green economy, is issuing a call to action for more access to healthy food.  Got Green? was instrumental in launching Seattle’s Fresh Bucks Program in July 2012.  Under this program, EBT (food stamp) users receive $10 in Fresh Bucks per day to buy fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets. Families receive up to $70 extra “bucks” each week.  The initiative is hailed for reducing food insecurity in Seattle as well as  boosting Washington’s farmers and farmers markets.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn’s budget contains $100,000 to support the Fresh Bucks program in 2014.  The budget went to the City Council on September 23, and it us now up to all of us to ensure that the City Council approves funding for this important program.

Here’s what you can do:

→Show your support at the Seattle City Council Budget Committee Hearing: Thursday, Oct 3 at 5:30pm City Council Chambers (600 Fourth Avenue)

→Call City Council members Visit Got Green’s Facebook event “Call Seattle City Council to fund Fresh Bucks in 2014 city budget!”  for a sample script, talking points, and contact information for our City Council members.

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