Selling Agriculture 2.0 to Silicon Valley

Courtesy NY TimesA good profile/article in the NY Times about the growing number of people interested in venture capital dollars for sustainable agriculture businesses. They specifically talk about NewSeeds Advisors who’s mission is Building a sustainable food system, one company at a time. Hard to argue with that.

Venture capitalists are always looking for the next new thing and as a follow-on from their interest in environmental & energy issues, have turned their focus to agriculture. Although, agriculture is hardly a “new” thing. And there are a number of ways to currently invest in agriculture companies and projects. But would be great to see a serious effort to fund smart, sustainable ideas.

A bit from the article:

“Sustainable ag smells like clean tech, but it’s not so obscure that you’ve never heard of it but obscure enough there’s no competition,” said Ms. Yorio, who added that investors had approached her about bringing the Agriculture 2.0 conference to Canada, Europe and India.

So far the venture capital investments in sustainable agriculture have been modest. Mr. Matteucci said his firm had one investment in an agriculture wastewater treatment start-up and was reviewing other potential deals. Mr. Deshpande said Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers had invested in companies developing technology to deal with agricultural water and waste.”

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One Response to Selling Agriculture 2.0 to Silicon Valley

  1. James – this is a great article! I agree with you – it would be fantastic to see a serious effort put forth to fund smart, sustainable agriculture initiatives. I think the time for that is coming sooner than later. I’ve seen many articles on this topic recently and it fits well with the efforts being devoted to creating healthier eating and nutrition behaviors with people in the US and around the world.

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