Fruit Harvest & Distribution

2014 was a record-breaking year for City Fruit. In total, we harvested over 27,948 pounds of unused fruit from residential properties in the South Seattle/Beacon Hill, West Seattle, Phinney-Greenwood, Wallingford, and Ballard neighborhoods. Over 22,000 lbs of fruit was donated to 39 different food banks, schools, and community organizations, and the remainder was sold to restaurants and others.


Harvest totals:

  • Plums – 8,221 lbs
  • Apples – 6,622 lbs
  • Pears – 4,715 lbs
  • Transparent Apples – 1,983 lbs
  • Grapes – 390 lbs
  • Figs – 295 lbs
  • Crabapples – 165 lbs
  • Quince – 105 lbs
  • Bing Cherries – 30 lbs
  • Berries – 10 lbs


In 2014 we held 53 work parties and 25 residential harvest events.

Thanks to a sunny, but wet, spring (with rains coming at the optimal times for bloom) plums came in as our number one most harvested fruit in terms of total pounds at 8,221, followed by a multitude of late summer/fall apple varieties and pears. We were also thrilled to expand our residential harvest efforts into the Ballard and Wallingford neighborhoods for the first time in 2014!


Eight locations received at least 1,000 pounds of produce in 2014, with White Center Food Bank our number one recipient at 3,524 pounds. The other seven are West Seattle Food Bank (1,915 lbs), St. Vincent de Paul (1,806 lbs), Rainier Valley Food Bank (1,805 lbs), El Centro De la Raza Food Bank (1,575 lbs), University District Food Bank (1,341 lbs), Greenwood Food Bank (1,204 lbs), and St. Mary’s Food Bank (1,080).