Passionate public health expert to lead City Fruit

City Fruit is growing fast, and for the past six months we’ve been looking to bring on someone with the energy and skills to take us to the next level.  I’m thrilled to introduce you to Catherine (Kate) Morrison.

CEMKate combines public sector know-how with a deep commitment to food justice.  Raised in St. Louis, she has a ten-year career in public health focused on building healthy communities.  Kate has been involved in efforts to address food deserts and build community markets in low-access areas, address senior hunger issues, and create safe neighborhood parks.

Kate’s skill set has already earned the respect and confidence of City Fruit’s board and myself. A great communicator, she has worked with local coalitions and organizations in nearly all 50 states to create public health policy, is an experienced political organizer, has managed million dollar-plus budgets and work plans, and has worked directly with lawmakers and regulators.  As you might expect, we feel extremely fortunate to have this depth and breadth of experience.

Kate is also a go-getter.  A resident of Seattle for less than two months, she has already found a job, bought a house, and signed up for her first Preventing Pests in Fruit Trees class — as she and her fiancee Andrew look forward to adding fruit trees to their new home in Greenwood.

Maybe most important is that quality you don’t see on the resume:  Kate’s compassion and kindness.  A self-described activist, it’s clear her motivation for joining City Fruit is a deep concern for making Seattle a better place for everyone to live and eat. Please welcome Kate at our Open House on May 3,  3:00 – 6:00,  in the new office at El Centro de la Raza.





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