Meet our Harvest Team!

Meet photo-2City Fruit’s 2014 Harvest Team! From left, Dusty Towler, who will be focusing on the West Seattle; Luke Jesperson, our Harvest Coordinator, who is working in the neighborhoods of South Seattle, including Beacon Hill, Columbia City, Mount Baker, and Rainier Beach; and Hamilton Anderson, who will harvest in North Seattle, including the neighborhoods of Ballard, Phinney/Greenwood, and Wallingford.

The harvesters will be out in their areas each weekday starting around 8:30am and collecting fruit until the early afternoon.  From there, the fresh and nutritious fruit will be delivered to food banks and meal programs in the same neighborhood.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for our annual harvest, fill out our quick tree survey here.

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7 Responses to Meet our Harvest Team!

  1. Bill Warnekros says:

    There is an apple tree in an abandoned house in our neighborhood that is loaded with fruit. The owners name is Ron Bosse. The address is 3034 27th Ave. W. Seattle, 98199.
    Ron owns several properties around the Seattle area and may be currently living in the house. Unfortunately I don’t have a phone number or e-mail address fro Ron. I hate to see the fruit go to waste. Thanks!
    Bill Warnekros

  2. Lauren Yasuda says:

    I live in the Meadowbrook neighborhood in NE Seattle (near Nathan Hale HS). We have two old apple trees with apples that are too high for me to reach with my picker (even from a few steps up on my ladder). Of course the apples break when they fall to the ground (they do make great applesauce :) I was wondering if you’d be able to harvest apples that are very high up. If so, I’d love to donate them. Thanks!

  3. Ada Frost says:

    Don’t know if you have folks that come to the Bothell area or not! We have apple tree and would love to have the fruit go to some one who could benefit.

  4. Leo Griffin says:

    My neighbor’s house in the 3800 block of linden has two Gravenstein apple trees, two cherry trees and an Italian prune tree in the front. I picked 10 gallons of apples today and took to the Ballard food bank.

    The prune tree doesn’t have much fruit because it really needs pruning. I also would like some help pruning the other trees.

    The owner of the property has given me permission to prune cause they grow into my power lines. I just need to let tenants know. Any chance you might be willing to help with a prune-a-thon? The trees are very mature and are higher up than I wasn’t to go.

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