Recommended Reading


Historic Orchard and Fruit Tree Stabilization Handbook by Susan Dolan (free digital download -23.3 Mb PDF)

Fruitful Legacy: A Historic Context of Orchards in the United States by Susan Dolan (free digital publication – read online)

Fruit Handbook for Western Washington: Varieties and Culture
by G.A. Moulton and J. King (PDF download 1.1MB)

Sustainable Gardening: The Oregon-Washington Master Gardener Handbook
(PDF download 201kb) –  Preview only, full publication is $30

Seattle’s Orchards: A Historic Legacy Meets Modern Sustainability
by Audrey Lieberworth (PDF download 1.92MB)


Websites & Blogs

Seattle Fruit Tree Society

Adam Warnacki’s blog  – about Piper’s and other local orchards, grafting, fruit topics

Brandon Triangle Blog

Freeway Estates Blog

Holy Cross Orchard and Garden Blog

Daisy Sonju Community Garden and Orchard Facebook page

Seattle Tree Ambassadors Program


Fruit Horticulture Program – by WSU Research and Extension Center
Free articles and downloadable, for-purchase publications

Home Orchard Society – Free articles and downloadable, for-purchase publications

Temperate Orchard Conservancy – Established to preserve and share the genetic diversity of trees fruits that are grown in the temperate climate zones of the world.

Western Cascade Fruit Society – Lists events and resources in the Western Cascades



If you have a blog about an urban orchard or fruit growing in the Pacific Northwest,
let us know so we can add you.