Get Pruning Help

If you’re looking for information on pruning fruit trees yourself, check out this downloadable PDF  information sheet on Fruit Tree Pruning.


City Fruit is often asked if we can refer people to fruit tree pruning helpers, and while we don’t have a full-fledged referral service like our friends at Plant Amnesty, the list below contains knowledgeable people who are willing to help you with your next home orchard project.

Please contact the companies directly – City Fruit is providing this information as a resource only.


Rita Smith, Groundwork

“I am most enthusiastic about pruning fruit trees with individual residents or neighborhood groups to help them learn how to do it themselves. However, I will also prune trees on my own as needed. I charge $30/hr, $20 for City Fruit members. I developed a love of fruit trees while growing up on a Central Washington apple orchard. I’ve taken workshops and worked at a “hobby level” prior to retirement, when I began doing more. No professional certification – just lots of enthusiasm and some experience.”



Bill Wanless, brooke/wanless gardens, llc

Offering Elegant Healthy Pruning of Small Trees, Shrubs & Vines, and Fine Garden Care