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The Urban Farm Handbook: City Slicker Resources for Growing, Raising, Sourcing, Trading and Preparing What You Eat

by Annette Cottrell and Joshua McNichols

In 2008 Annette Cottrell developed a midlife food crisis:  she stopped buying industrial food altogether and turned her one-fifth acre Seattle city lot into an edible oasis.  Joshua McNichol traces his love of homegrown food to his days as a latchkey kid, spending many afternoons eating ripe fruit in an ancient plum tree until his parents came home.  He is a journalist (KUOW, NPR) who explores fundamentlal; questions about our relationship to food. Photographer Harley Soltes worked as a staff photographer for the Seattle Times for twenty years and now resides on an organic farm in Bow, Washington.  Learn about growing fruit trees in city spaces — dwarfs, espalier and plenty of recipes.

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From Tree to Table: Growing Backyard Fruit Trees in the Pacific Maritime Climate

by Barbara Edwards and Mary Olivella

Barbara Edwards and Mary Olivella dispel the myth that gardeners in our sun-challenged maritime climate can’t grow fruit trees.  The book offers both anecdotal and expert advice for raising all types of fruit in some of the most difficult conditions, and each fruit-specific chapter features recipes from some of the region’s best chefs.

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by Michael Natkin

Michael Natkin is an award-winning blogger (recommended in the New York Times, Gourmet, and Saveur), and his new cookbook has received rave reviews. Tom Douglas writes:  “Vegetables are the past, present and future of cooking.  Michael Natkin’s ability to go global with their preparation sets his new book apart from the pack.”   With incredible recipes and full-color photos, this hard cover cookbook is a great gift for any foodie.

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Stumbling Fig Mustarda

Taste this special collaboration between Stumbling Goat Bistro and City Fruit to sample the urban harvest yourself! Crafted at the height of fig season 2013, it’s a tasty reminder of summer sweetness to warm your winter.

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Stumbling Blackberry

Crafted during peak blackberry season 2013, this rich, dark blackberry jam is great with sweet and savory snacks. This special collaboration between Stumbling Goat Bistro and City Fruit brings the urban harvest to you!

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