Map Your Fruit Tree

Fruit trees are an important—but often overlooked—element in the urban forest canopy, and they are typically dispersed through many private and public properties. We’re trying to identify all of the fruit trees in the city that make up an Urban Orchard that stretches across Seattle.



The City Fruit mapping project has developed a simple way to map fruit trees from a computer or mobile device. Tree owners and other urban residents are urged to map fruit trees, and by doing so, create a grassroots inventory of this largely undocumented urban resource.

Click here to Map a tree





  • The mapping tool was created by Sonja Rogneby and Monica Wynn, graduate students with the University of Washington Information School.
  • Please note: The information on this map is for research purposes only. The trees on the map are not free for gleaning without the tree owner’s prior explicit consent.
  • For more information, please contact City Fruit.