Flexible Volunteer Opportunity: Become an Ambassador Today!

Rizal 0083 berries & skylineSummer is finally upon us and City Fruit is excited to announce a new, creative way to get involved with us this year!

The City Fruit Ambassador Program is a year long opportunity to use your skills, passions, and connections to be the voice and face of City Fruit in the neighborhood of your choice. City Fruit is looking for Ambassadors in the five neighborhoods where we currently work — Ballard, Phinney/Greenwood, South Seattle, Wallingford, and West Seattle.  

For example, say you live in Ballard and really love the idea of attending some neighborhood volunteer harvests with City Fruit. You could take your involvement a step further and instead of volunteering with City Fruit during an occasional Ballard volunteer harvest, you can be a City Fruit Ambassador and lead a monthly volunteer harvest with a few neighbors/friends in Ballard. City Fruit would support you in your endeavors by providing you with everything necessary to make your time as an Ambassador a success!

Here’s another, non-harvest related example of what you could do as a City Fruit Ambassador. Perhaps you live in Wallingford and are heavily involved with your local Parent Teacher Organization. As an Ambassador, you could speak at monthly meetings that you already attend or write a blog post or two about what City Fruit has been doing in the Wallingford neighborhood.

There’s a hundred different ways to get involved as a City Fruit Ambassador, and we look forward to hearing your unique ideas and working with you to make this a successful and rewarding program! To apply, click hereRemember, applications for the City Fruit Ambassador Program are due by Friday, August 1.


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6 Responses to Flexible Volunteer Opportunity: Become an Ambassador Today!

  1. Shea Scribner says:

    Hello! I am currently an AmeriCorps member with the Washington Conservation Corps working on riparian habitat restoration projects sponsored by the King Conservation District. I have been looking for a fun, regular, volunteer opportunity for my Fri-Sun weekends and would absolutely love to get involved with City Fruit! I am a graduate from Huxley College/ Western Washington University with a degree in environmental education and experience teaching/ leading volunteer groups composed of everyone from elementary school children and Job Corps students to Microsoft employees excited to get out of the office for a day and get muddy. I’ve recently learned a bit about the Kitchen Cabinet and Local Food Economy Initiative that KCD is involved with and I could not be more excited about the work being done around King County to improve fresh food accessibility. I would potentially be able to work at any of the locations, though West and South Seattle are closest for me. I am definitely available and ready to get involved as soon as you have something for me to do!
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Shea Scribner

  2. Shea Scribner says:

    well there’s a comment for you….. how do I actually sign up?

  3. Jennifer galbreath says:

    Unsure wher to find the volunteer application. I live in West Seattle and can volunteer as ambassador in my area. Currently volunteer at the West Seattle Food Bank on Wed. and on call.

    Could not find a ph.# for your org.
    Here is my info. Ph.# :206-450-8485
    Email above is current, also on Facebook, either is fine to get in touch with me

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  4. Jennifer galbreath says:

    P.S. Have lots of apples to donate

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