Changes at City Fruit

Courtesy of Mission: SustainableCity Fruit has grown tremendously since we started working in late 2008. We conducted a fruit harvest in Phinney and donated 5,000 pounds of fruit, experimented with selling fruit as a way to raise money, implemented a membership program, held many classes on subjects ranging from canning to espalier, launched a Web site, and many other activities.

So far, the work behind those accomplishments has been done by volunteers. As we at City Fruit plan to take on even more work in the coming year, we are beginning to grow beyond a volunteer-only organization. To that end, we’re very happy to announce that Gail Savina, who hatched the idea behind City Fruit, will be transitioning in to an Executive Director role. This means, of course, that she’s stepping down from the board of directors, but it means that we can ideally begin to pay her for all the work she does, and will continue to do, for City Fruit.

Gail plans to be as involved as ever! We believe that having a paid director will only help City Fruit continue its mission of helping tree owners grow healthy fruit, harvest and use what they can, and share what they don’t need long into the future.

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One Response to Changes at City Fruit

  1. Hazel Singer says:

    Congratulations to City Fruit and Gail…Gail is a fabulous leader and innovator.

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