A movie that may change your food shopping habits…

Full Circle Farm in Carnation, WA (and here is their website) posted this film on their facebook page today. Here is their comment: “Watched this again last night. If you haven’t seen this movie, or know someone that hasn’t please organize a viewing. Knowledge is the first step to change.” And, further: “If you or your school is interested in hosting a screening of Food Inc., write to us. We will make sure you get the rights you need along with your copy of the film.” Be sure to check them out!

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One Response to A movie that may change your food shopping habits…

  1. Kathy Herrmann says:

    Food Inc. is one of the most powerful and impactful documentaries I’ve ever seen about food. My choices about the food I eat have changed drastically since I watched the movie. My takeaway – as consumers, we have the power to impact the food industry by the choices we make. We need to continue to educate people about how to make better food choices even when budget is a big factor. Organic and natural foods are within reach of everyone. Change only happens when we’re willing to fight for it and to support others in our communities to do the same.

    Please watch this movie and share it with others.

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